Jupiter Scientific Dry Scrubbing Canisters

Jupiter Scientific is a leading manufacturer of dry scrubbing canisters. Our canisters provide safe and effective abatement of even the most difficult to scrub gases to non-detect levels.

We manufacture a host of canisters of our own design as well as canisters that fit turn-key into competitor systems.

Our custom adsorbents featuring Jupiter Scientific zeolites as well as metal oxide extrusions, impregnated aluminas, and a host of other dry scrubbing agents give us the ability to use chemisorption to yield high destruction and removal efficiencies, long lifetimes, and low pressure drops.

Many of our canisters, including our industry leading Callisto and Europa canisters, are U.N. and D.O.T. approved shipping vessels that allow easy disposal without the nightmare of expensive overpacking.


Jupiter Scientific manufactures a broad array of dry scrub canisters ranging from 2.5 liters to 65 CFM. We also manufacture custom canisters for our systems and competitors' systems. Shown here are our. 10 liter inline canister, 5 liter inline canister, 20 liter canister, and 5 cu. ft. canister.

Callisto 5 cu ft. and 6 cu ft. Canisters

Our 5 cu. ft. (142 liter) and 6 cu. ft. (170 liter) canisters are U.N./ D.O. T. approved shipping vessels. This eliminates the trouble and expense of overpacking. The integrated wheels allow for ease of movement. These canisters can reduce even highly concentrated exhaust contaminants to non-detect.

Europa Large Format Canisters

Our Europa dry scrubbing canisters contain 15 cubic feet of our custom adsorbents. These canisters can handle very high flow rates of process gases or serve as an effective means of catastrophic abatement. These canisters are featured in our Zeus, Mercury, and Europa scrubbers. Europa canisters are U.N./ D.O.T. approved shipping vessels.

Small Stand-Alone Canisters

Jupiter Scientific manufactures several small canisters for light applications such as research and development. Featured here is our 5 gallon (20 liter) canister.

Gas Box Purge Canisters

Jupiter Scientific’s gas box purge canisters mount in your gas box or near your gas box to abate dangerous gases released during cylinder change out.

Ten Gallon Stand Alone Canister

Our 10 gallon (40 liter) stand alone Callisto canisters are capable of abating a wide range of dangerous gases while taking up minimal space and allowing affordable canister changes to evolving processes.

In-line Scrubbing Cartridges

Our in-line scrubbing cartridges allow you to place an extra layer of safety before or after existing scrubbers or to add abatement when floor space is extremely limited. Featured here is our 2.5 gallon (10 liter) inline canister. These canisters can help ensure that excursions do not occur even if the primary scrubber fails or to add abatement for gases that existing scrubbers cannot handle.

Made in the U.S.A.

Jupiter Scientific’s products are all made in the United States of America. We do not outsource your safety. This will never change.

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